The Walk To My Funeral

The crisp moonlight, that lit up so bright

Every face showed tears, Every heart cried

The walk was heavy, But had to be done

The walk to my funeral, you take a few more steps

For it had just begun..


I don’t wish no bright day, no running streams and no sunny bays

Don’t want the birds chirping, And I don’t want the curtains swirling

Don’t dress up, not for me instead, I gave you your chance

But now Iie dead.

Show up if you feel like, and make my funeral come alive


I wish it all to be dark, standing beneath the gloomy arc

Stop those tears, stop them right away, look what embraces you night and day

For as long as I can hover, I want to endlessly stay as your lover

Words have no meaning now, I’m gone, and our time O’Love, its forgone..


Yes you made me a jealous man, jealous of those who possess true love

If only you could understand, true love is honesty and nothing goes above

You’ve played your games, and now you sit like a winner

But have you won or really lost, you appear to be a sinner


O’Love O’mine, I request your absence after all

Please leave my world, don’t show yourself at all

My world, my people still are innocent

You don’t want them to speak in your accent

I love my people, oh! As I loved you

But they loved me back, for after I am dead too


The walk to my funeral, should sound of smiles and laughter

Await me and I’ll be back, in my life thereafter

If only there was a chance to be back again

I’d chose you my world, my people and my pains..



Published by: Peace Or Not

The thought of creating peace is enough. All we need to do is Start thinking about it. Bringing peace doesn't mean that we become hippies or spiritual, It just simply means bringing peace to ourselves, Our Life.

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4 thoughts on “The Walk To My Funeral”

  1. Woah bro. Awesome 😁 congratulations on this awesome peace. You asked me what I think about it.. Well I think I need to learn a thing or two from this and your other work. Thanks for this 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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